Dr. Pen™ - Clinical Grade Skin Treatment at Home for a fraction of the price.

Dr. Pen Ultima M8 - Dr. Pen - USA
$196.95 $394.95
Dr. Pen™ Ultima M8 is the most effective micro-needling device. Clinical grade skin treatment at a fraction of the price at your home is now available. Emphasize the beauty of your skin with Dr. Pen.
Latest Dr. Pen wireless model
Free 10 x 16 Pin Tips ($49 Value)
Free USPS First Class Shipping
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Solves Skin Problems
Promotes the maintenance of smooth, vibrant, youthful & glowing skin. Feel the difference!
Patented Technology
Dr. Pen™ micro-needling is an industry leading technology with RoHS & CE certificates.
Used by Dermatologists
Dr. Pen™ is widely used by dermatologists around the world. Clinical grade quality guaranteed.
Lifetime Warranty
We offer you an exclusive Lifetime Warranty for all Dr. Pen™ devices with a Money-Back warranty.
Safe & Pain Free
Dr. Pen™ micro-needling is completely safe & painless. Join over 65,000 happy customers today!
Official USA Store
Enjoy 100% risk-free buyer protection while shopping in the official Dr. Pen™ - USA Store.

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